Be proud of yourself

Be proud of yourself

I don't know about you, but I love hearing the concept behind something. It's like hearing the background story, the build up and thought process on how you achieve the end goal.

2022 sees life getting back to the new normal after the pandemic. I was lucky enough that the pandemic spiralled my business into a business I could only dreamt. Day after day, it grew and grew. But as most good things, it came with the most challenging year, 2022. 

Don't get me wrong. 2022 was an amazing year. As a family, we managed to buy our first family home. We welcome our beautiful little girl, Poppy. But I would be lying if I said that all the changes and challenges in the way were easy. It was hard adjusting again to our new normal. My new normal. One massive change was going from six years working in half the living room with a little gate around my 'work area', keeping the kids out and my messy work in. To a room with four walls and not being able to watch over the children as well as doing 5 mins work here and there when they were settled or having the fifth snack of the day. Now it has to be went the girls are at school and poppy is napping. And trust me with no routine and a baby that doesn't like sleep. Finding time to fit in doing a little work became very much impossible. But I make it work. 

I had Poppy July 14th on her Daddy's birthday. I think it's lovely they now share a birthday. I share mine with my sister who is six years older than me. So I know no different. As a business I try and start thinking of Christmas in July (I know what you are thinking but yea Christmas in July). This gives me enough time to plan and for my mum and I to make all the items. But as I had Poppy via emergency c-section I couldn't even bring myself to work let alone think of Christmas. In the end it was very last minute. My mum stepped in a hell of a lot and made the majority of the Christmas items. As time went I found it so hard sitting not having a routine, not being able to sew and trying to keep on top of made to order, orders which would be coming in daily. The pressure was getting harder and harder to deal with and I found myself getting to the point where I couldn't cope. Not because there was so much work to do but because I felt like I had lost control. At Christmas we all know about the Royal mail strikes and in a way this pushed me to make the decision I was going to close the website and my Etsy shop. In the hope to get my control and give me time to get organised again. We are back up and open now. I made the decision to not open up made to order, orders and only sell what we have in stock. It has taken a huge hit on my business but I hope and already feel it was the best decision for my business.  

Working for yourself, being your own boss is great. Having the freedom of when you want to work and the flexibility of it is something you wouldn't get with any other job. Keeping small businesses alive. Supporting one another is so incredibly important. I love supporting other small businesses while I'm here trying to craft my own path too. I wanted to bring this and also bring some sort of help and understanding to anyone else who feels like life is becoming a little difficult. I'm not saying I am a miracle worker but if I could help just one person feel not so alone. Or encourage one person to keep chasing your dream and not give up, then it's so worth me keeping my business alive for. I designed my self care banners with this at the full front of my mind. It's important to take a step back and really see the bigger picture. To look at where you started to where you are now. It's OK to give yourself praise. To not shy away from being proud of yourself. Life flashes before our eyes. Taking a breather is OK. Having an 'off' day is OK. Being proud of yourself is OK. 

I often find myself beating myself up for not achieving my aims I set myself daily. But then I remind myself. I started with £70 in my bank account. I had a dream. Hard work, determination and motivation is all you need. 

I know you have got this, just keep going



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